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Services Offered through the Patient Portal


The patient portal allows you to exchange secure emails with our team. You can include attachments, pictures, or other information in these messages. In its functionality, it is very similar to the standard email. Through the portal, you can also request a referral, ask billing questions, or even give us suggestions on how we can improve the site.

Lab/Test Results

You can also get copies of your lab or test results done in our clinic through the patient portal. We provide you with results, explanations, or comments from your provider in this section. However, this is a read-only section. If you have questions, you can always reach out to us through the messaging service.

Health Summary

View your electronic health records with the Health Summary service. This helps you review and check the accuracy of the information. Physicians can also print your health overview from here and add them to your records. In this section, you can add comments or suggestions about your patient information but it will not become a permanent part of your record unless approved by our team.


Check details about current and past medications prescribed by our clinic or entered into the system by our staff. You can also request refills through this section. However, don’t forget to provide us with accurate information about your pharmacy preference.

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